GB Guitars

GB "Riviera" Tele

- Spalted Quilted Maple top


- Ash body 

- Flamed Eucalyptus fingerboard

- Snakewood Skunk stripe and Birds-eye Maple neck


- Ebony tuning pegs

- Custom made pickups 


- 4 Position selector


-Comes with GB Hardcase 



"GB Guitars is an independent guitar maker located in Brighton, UK run by world class luthier Bernie Goodfellow. In an age of CNC routers and offshore manufacturing, GB Guitars are manufactured in the traditional style - completely by hand, here in the UK....and when we say completely by hand, we mean completely by hand, right down to the hand soldering of GB's own in-house preamps and electronics systems."

These guitars are truly remarkable and they are all one off's! Not only do you get the crystal clear Tele tone but thanks to the 4 position selector you get a big rock sound not normally associated with Telecasters. 


You can buy a PRS or custom shop Fender in the same price range but I haven't come across another guitar thats even close to being comparable to a GB Guitar. The craftsmanship, quality and sound stand alone in the market and just like each individual guitar, are completely unique. 


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