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White Dog Music are pleased as punch to be able to offer the Bass Collection British Masters Series. With it's incredible build quality, stunning looks and amazing playability we believe that you simply can't buy a better bass at this price.

In 1961 Bill custom built his own radically unique fretless bass and the brief was to produce a bass ‘similar in spirit’ to the original instrument which he’d used to such great effect during hundreds of live shows and recordings throughout his tenure in the Rolling Stones, including the iconic "Exile On Main Street" sessions

This new instrument sports a lightweight, custom shaped Alder body, finished in black (a la Henry Ford) with a one-piece crimson scratchplate. Tone is supplied by vintage ‘Baldwin’ style neck and contemporary soapbar bridge pick-ups, hooked up to a classic, no-frills passive tone and volume circuit.


The Wyman Bass has a short-scale 30" neck topped with a fretted rosewood fingerboard and features Bill’s own unique headstock design. Tuners are 2-a-side Hipshot UltraLites and the bass is strung with Bass Centre Elites which all contribute to a comfortable, compact feel with a fast, low action.

Bill Wyman Bass

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