Cort 280DX - Red/Orange

The new flagship model of the revamped G Series, the G280DX features the highest quality materials and components along with meticulous workmanship of Cort’s most outstanding builders. Designed with the best possible playability and sonic performance in mind. 


  • Alder body
  • Flame maple top
  • Matching headstock & Canadian hard maple neck
  • Maple finger board
  • Locking machine heads
  • Easy Truss Rod adjustment


VTS 63 Pickup
Magnet : Alnico V Rod
Coil : AWG42 Formvar insulation 
Turns : 8,500
Resistance : 6.24k ohm 
Inductance : 5.0H 
OUTPUT Cable : Cloth TYPE

    • Balanced tone without emphasis of specific frequency range
    • Alnico V rod, AWG42 Formvar insulation, vulcanized fiber bobbin
    • Sparkling high-end, meaty and rich midrange, deep and firm low-end
    • Natural wax potting (no vacuum) for integrity and performance
    • Clarity and warmth, character and depth
  • VTH 59 Pickup
    Magnet : Alnico II Bar 
    Coil : AWG43 Formvar insulation 
    Turn : 5,500
    Resistance : 9.2k ohm 
    Inductance : 5.0H 
    • Vintage-style humbucker with the coveted PAF-style warmth and organic character
    • Alnico II bar for sweetness, nickel silver (German silver) baseplate and pickup cover
    • 0.06mm coil thickness, unique AWG43 insulation
    • Cohesive and defined midrange, clear yet sweet highs, strong and tight lows
    • Versatile and capable of covering wide range of musical genres with authority

    @2018 White Dog Music - With love, with passion and for my boy always.