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My name is Simon and I own White Dog Music, I am a London Music School graduate [Bass Guitar] with 15+ years teaching

experience, I also hold a BA with First Class Honours [Drums} in Music Industry Practice from The Academy Of Contemporary Music.


During my time teaching guitar, bass guitar, drums & vocals (and some beginners keyboard) I have worked for many

organisations including;

The Berkshire Meastro's - Formally The Berkshire Young Musicians Trust, Music 4 Slough,

The Rock & Pop Project and Bracknell & Wokingham Council (STARS).


I have also taught in the following

schools as a peripatetic: Charters, Garth Hill, Strodes 6th Form, Farnborough Tech, Yately School, Leighton Park, Sandhurst Comprehensive and many more.


Through tutoring I strive at all times to;


- Instil confidence in students through positive feedback.

- Observe and assessed student performance.

- Encourage students to persevere with challenging tasks.

- Interact with parents, to maintain productive communication.

- Strive to uncover students` hidden talents and passions.

- Interact with children and promoted good behaviour through positive reinforcement methods.

-- Conquer the challenges of working with a highly diverse student population to attain exceptional

    student achievement.

- Set and communicated ground rules for lessons based on respect and personal responsibility.

- Establish positive relationships with students and parents.


I am currently based at The Gorse Ride School in Finchampstead where I teach drums, guitar, bass guitar, vocals and beginners piano. In 2018 I started working as a group helper with local disabled charity Linkable helping children and adults with learning disabilities to experiences activities that they would struggle to access in the wider community, supporting them to learn new skills, form lasting friendships and lead fulfilling, independent lives. I worked with Linkable during half terms and the Summer holidays to provide respite days for people with learning disabilities, parents and carers. I also worked with Actables, Linkables acting and drama group.  

As a musician I have played 2000+ gigs with 100's of bands ranging from covers, wedding and function bands to original rock and pop bands. I have toured Europe playing in Holland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, The Czech Republic, Latvia and The Middle East - Dubai. I have written and recorded three albums; Talk On Corners (2006), A State Of Delirium (2008) and Moments Of Magnitude (2011). ​I also recorded Blue Suburbia withTraffic Experiment and Alamien with The Fuse.


Please do not hesitate to Contact me if you have any further questions.

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