I started off in business over 15 years ago with my original company (Bassface) since then I have re-branded a number of times, finally settling on White Dog Music in 2018. In August 2016 my partner and I attended an RSPCA open day in Chobham, Surrey. As we watched doggies of all shapes and sizes happily parade for prospective homes, we were greeted by the sight of two giant and almost entirely bald girls named Lara and Amy. Two weeks later our girls joined us permanently and the rest as they say is history. 

We were told that Lara and Amy where probably related, possibly sisters, possibly mother and daughter but we didn't really know. We were told that that our girls were possibly 7/8 or maybe even 9 years of age, again we didn't really know. We just knew that we were overjoyed to welcome both new members of our family home.

We spent 3 very happy years with our girls, they not only joyfully filled our lives (and our living room) but they touched the lives of all that they met. Even a short walk around town would regularly turn into a marathon outing as complete strangers asked about them and requested photographs with them. The girls happily obliged every time. 

We lost both girls within a very short period of time over the Summer of 2019, they left us almost as quickly as they had arrived 3 years prior.

I'm often asked why I finally settled on White Dog Music



Photographs taken during the course of an amazing morning with Lara Maskell @LM Photography

@2018 White Dog Music - With love, with passion and for my boy always.